More than Fashion to us
Natural & Friendly Leather

Our leathers are hand selected and sourced from North West Spain, Germany and Italy one of the oldest tanneries in Italy.

If something is worth doing you may as well go heart and soul and boot leather

Jackie French
Sustainably processed into leather
These are all vegetable-tanned leathers, a natural method of transforming animal hides into leathers dating back thousand of years.

No harmful chemicals are used as it all happen in a wooden drums with vegetable tannin organic materials composition. All largely done by hand, more durable with premium outcome.

Our full grain hide is the most durable not only does it last the longest, but full grain leathers have the most aesthetic with it natural pebbling detailing.

Box Calf
It is the regular calf leather use on mens shoes handmade collection
Calf Suede
It is our regular calf suede used in most of our regular production
Kid Suede
It is the most soft, velvety suede leather type which comes from small goat skins. This is a very delicate suede.
Calf Crust
Hand painted calf
It enables artisans to hand paint the pieces with special creams and brushes. The look is very artisanal. (same crust material used by Santoni, Berlutti, Andres Sendra, among many others)
Patent Leather
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Polished Calf
Refers to rectified grain calf. This eliminates any skin imperfections. The look is not as natural as a regular, plain full grain, but the look is very good, luxurious.

Men may not read the gospel in sealskin, or the gospel in morocco, or the gospel in cloth covers, but they can’t away from the gospel in shoe leather

Donald Barnhouse
Bold, comfort & simplicity are three keys we follow when it comes

Each leather is selected carefully to ensure the footwear is durable, last longer and comfortable to the feet. We take traditional craftsmanship from artisans with experienced passed down from generations and fused it with the best leathers [vegetable tanned or vegan based (ask us about this)] .

Supported by handful of specialised machines, we produce both Goodyear Welted and Blake Stitching Sole construction.