What to look for in Handmade Oxford Shoes

So Oxford shoes are kind-off originated or name after Oxford town in the UK (don’t quote me on that) but really this footwear design has evolved from the classic look worn for more formal wear to semi-casual or even blending other fabric with it to make it appealing to all occasions in formal, smart-casual and casual styling.

It is great to see how many designers have worked with Oxford footwear shoes and make it theirs by maybe adding holes (brogueing) or add their own unique features to it but ultimately this footwear design category is loved by many for various occasion and finish off that look for you.

On looking through the internet landscape we love how “Sartorial Talks”, Huge Jacomet talked about it.

Take a look at the discussion again in the video below

Have you seen how Husky & Smith is adding to this trend? Take a look at the Shop

Let us know what you seen out there that could look chic on you. Comment below!

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