Our Story

Husky & Smith was founded with tenant purpose: to democratise the footwear and leather-goods fashion industry, challenge the status quo and socially impact lives of people.

Not able to find a handmade & quintessentially British designed footwear for a marriage within the family initiate this whole crazy quest to design a footwear and leathergoods that turns the power of what comes to the market to a tribe at a fraction of a high-end footwear price tag.

The founders aim to use their decades of skills in product design, engineering and interest in fashion as a platform to create a tribe that is ready to take the world like a storm. Since we do not believe in coincidence, this was the same period that the founders are supporting inner cities youth’s economic growth and social developments. Our high priority is partnering with various social impacting initiatives, which is our WHY for Husky & Smith.

We want to democratise high-end and luxurious footwear to be affordable, accessible to many globally with NO comprise to quality, aesthestics and construction.

In other to create a quintessentially British designed footwear, we handpicked Leathers from high calibre tannery across Europe most esp. in the UK and Italy. Our artisans transformed our designs into a very comfortable footwear with the help of our full inner lined soft calfskin, highly dense vulcanised rubber (Dainite) and Goodyear Welt Sole construction.

Watch below how our “Bishop in Med-Brown and Sartorial Grey Fannel Boots” are made.

HUSKY & SMITH (Registered trademark brand of JENAKIN LTD  |  20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, UK) 
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