Everybody wishes to enjoy and continue with their normal life during the autumn/fall/winter season as much as they do with others. husky smith customise your style chelsea boots men huskyandsmith

It could require an afterthought during this season to keep warm and also be stylish at the same time. That is why handmade Chelsea boots are able to cope up and provide men and women with a variety of boots so that they can find something unique to compliment their outfits. The autumn-winter season comes with an extreme cold. At times the roads are flooded with ice.

Our direct-to-consumer handmade Chelsea Boot autumn helps you solve all these problems by providing the most comfortable, strong and warm footwear.

How to combine Chelsea Boots
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To look awesome in the boots, you must choose the correct combination on what to wear with them. First, of all, they can be worn by both men and women. Together with tights, they bring an awesome look in women. With a dress or jeans also gives an outstanding outlook too. You can always rock your handmade Chelsea boot on whatever the occasion it is meant to be. They also go hand in hand with clothing that has florals on it or vintage. This provides a very wide variety to choose on what to wear with them.

and why?

Husky & Smith a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers handmade footwear straight to your doorstep.

Stylish and perfect design

husky smith customise your style Chelsea huskysmith boots men

Style defines you. Rocking in the handmade Chelsea boots gives you a style that is unique. The best part being that they can be worn with any type of cloth you want. You, therefore, portray uniqueness within you which earns you more points at first sight.

Maximum comfort

It is designed in a way that the inner lining has a soft durable calfskin. With this, you are assured of warmth during this cold season. The boots had flat soles traditionally or could have rounded toes. This has advanced in the current times in order to suit everybody’s sense of comfort.

Unique and bold colour

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This is a hand-painted boot in a brown colour that provides a unique flavour. The process of hand painting ensures that the output colour is painted to the finest and that you have something cool that can blend with your outfit and obtain a stylish footwear selection options for the autumn-winter season. This boot is perfect in harsh weather condition putting in mind that it is made from pure leather which is durable and strong.

Handmade boots

Handmade with resilience and expertise to ensure that the final product is excellent for people who want style and personality. Each pair is made one by one and this ensures that the makers take their time to produce the perfect boot that captures the attention of everyone leaving people with admiration. It is a lasting and durable product that ensures that you realize the value of your investment.

Free Shipping and Free Return Policy

Every time you order your Husky & Smith footwear, you are always sure that you receive your product within the stipulated time. Our staff are always committed and will start processing your order as soon as you complete the process and pay. This ensures that customers are well served and we also provide a free return policy within the UK if you receive the wrong product or sizes which is very rare. Order your Handmade Chelsea boot today and feel the sensation of amazing personality and preference when you have these unique boots on.

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